Access to the building is tightly controlled. The entrance is controlled by a video monitoring system and the door can be electronically or manually operated. Children are able to play in an outdoor area that is secured with a perimeter fence. We take your child’s security very seriously and we ask that you inform us whenever possible if there is to be a change in the person collecting your child from the Nursery. On enrolment, you are asked to provide the Nursery with names of any person who may collect your child other than yourself. In order for us to ensure that another adult has your authorisation to collect your child, we ask you to think of a ‘password’ that is entered into our records. Your child will not be released with another person unless they have the password! To ensure that the password remains effective it would be advisable not let your child hear it! You can of course change the password at any time by informing the Nursery Manager so that our records can be amended.