Babies and Toddlers (Birth – 2 1/2 yrs.) 

We offer the luxury of providing very individualised care for our babies and are totally committed to their development and happiness. We have a high adult : child ratio and our excellent trained staff give the love and attention your baby needs. They are cuddled and given the mental and social stimulation they desire with lots of talking, singing and play. Our Babies experience a range of activities throughout the day including painting, messy play, sand, water play, small world, construction, fine and gross motor skills, role play and a selection of group activities such as story sessions and musical instrument time. All activities are developed in consultation with ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’ guidance.  Furthermore we also enjoy going for walks in the local enviroment in our 'baby bus'!

We have an AMAZING SENSORY ROOM with an interactive floor which fascinates the babies with the different images changing as they touch them and encourages a wide range of movements.  The babies love the calm and soothing atmosphere and are entertained by the beautiful and relaxing light display.

All the child have opportunities throughout the day to access the Sensory Room in small groups.