Please don’t send your child to nursery in best clothes as this will restrict the activities in which he/she is able to participate in. Although we ensure that protective clothing is worn for ‘messy’ activities, children still often manage to get paint, etc. everywhere!

Please mark all clothing including shoes and boots with your child’s name. It is surprising how many children have shoes and coats that are exactly the same design and the same size as another child’s! 

Could you also please provide all weather clothing and footwear for outdoor play.  Children can have a very rich and enjoyable experience in playing outdoors in different weather conditions such as snow, rain and wind.  During the Summer months it is essential that sun cream is provided to protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun. Please note that the children will not be allowed out if the weather conditions are considered dangerous. 

A spare set of clothing should also be provided for your child to use in case of accidents. For babies this should be a complete set of clean clothes. Older children require spare pants, trousers and socks. (Even the most reliable of children can sometimes forget to use the toilet when they are involved in an activity that they are enjoying!)