Settling in Arrangements 

Once settled we are sure that the children will enjoy the happy and stimulating environment of Victoria Day Nursery. However, children are individuals and the settling in process will be quicker for some than for others. In order to assist your child to settle into the Nursery, parents are welcome to stay until he/she is happy to be left and you will not be restricted to any time limit. If leaving your child, a way of reinforcing the fact that you will be coming back for them later, is for you to give him/her a non-valuable item to save for you in their pocket. There is no guarantee that this will be the answer for your child but it has been known to be effective.

Our 'OUTSTANDING OFSTED' report 2012 states "During settling in visits, parents support the staff in identifying their child's starting points on entry to the nursery. They also keep the nursery staff fully informed about their child's achievements and current interests. As a result, the children are provided with an excellent and interesting range of activities, which are primarily based on their current interests, such as camping. Assessment and monitoring through high quality observations is rigorous and the information gained, is used very effectively to identify the next steps in learning and guide planning. Tracking systems clearly demonstrate how the children are making rapid progress in their learning and development."